Flood risk management event - 28th September 2015

Below are copies of presentations, contact details and information from the recent event


SCC - Role & responsibilities presentation

CLA - Role of the Ripairan owner presentation

FWAGSW - Land management presentation

SSDC - Role of planning


Leaflets and information

SCC - Role & Responsibilities

EA - Living on the edge

EA - Briefing note Sept 2015

EA - Somerset levels & Moor story of flooding

FWAG - Stream Restoration with Leaky Debirs Dams

Hills to Levels - Working in the Lower catchment to reduce flooding and build resilience

Hills to Levels - Working in the Upper catchment to 'slow the flow'


Helpful contacts and links

South Somerset District Council  - Local planning authority  -  01935 462462  

Ric Pallister, Leader of South Somerset District Council  - ric.pallister@southsomerset.gov.uk

Dave Norris, Development Manager - david.norris@southsomerset.gov.uk

Kim Close/Helen Rutter, Assistant Director, (Communities) - kim.close@southsomerset.gov.uk/


Ian Case, Principal Engineer -  ian.case@southsomerset.gov.uk

Pam Harvey, Civil Contingencies & Business Continuity Manager - pam.harvey@southsomerset.gov.uk

For further information on emergency planning, business continuity, flooding and to request sandbags please visit:




Somerset County Council - Lead authority for flood and water management - 0300 123 2224 - www.somerset.gov.uk

Steve Webster, Service Manager - Flood and Water Management                                      

For advice and guidance, preparing for flooding, support available to victims and details of the Flood and Water Management Act please visit:

http://www.somerset.gov.uk/environment-and-planning/flooding/, email flooding@somerset.gov.uk or phone 0300 123 2224

The Flood Action Plan - and regular updates are available at http://somersetnewsroom.com/flood-action-plan/

For further information (including details of other events taking place) please contact FloodActionPlan@somerset.gov.uk or phone  01823 359685 / 9639


Country Land & Business Association (CLA)

CLA is the membership organisation for owners of land, property and business in rural England & Wales. With approximately 33,000 members (around 900 in Somerset), CLA members are responsible for about half of the rural land of England & Wales. We advise our members on a range of issues relating to land management and lobby on their behalf.

Graham Clark, Rural Surveyor

01249 700200            graham.clark@cla.org.uk

For further information on the rights and responsibilities of riverside ownership - please see an EA publication called 'Living on the Edge' https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/454562/LIT_7114.pdf  

For information on the CLA visit www.cla.org.uk


Farming Wildlife Advisory Group South West (FWAGSW)

FWAG South West represents the region's farmers and landowners in the delivery of wildlife conservation and provides independent expert advice, tailored to needs and aimed at bringing environmental and financial benefits to businesses.

Ben Thorne, Senior Farm Conservation Adviser

07711 811994         ben.thorne@fwagsw.org.uk

For further information please visit:  www.hillstolevels.org/   /  www.fwagsw.org.uk


Environment Agency   -     03708 506 506

The EA are responsible for the prevention, mitigation and remedying of flood damage for main rivers, coastal areas and reservoirs, along with providing Flood maps, warnings and alerts.

John Southwell, Flood and Coastal Risk Management Advisor, (Development & Flood Risk Technical Specialist)


Please see link below for further information:


or visit www.gov.uk/government/organisations/environment-agency


Somerset Drainage Boards Consortium

Internal Drainage Boards supervisor matters relating to drainage in their areas, including those of an environmental and recreational nature.  IDBs are independent public bodies responsible for managing water levels in low-lying areas.

Iain Sturdy, Chief Engineer

01278 789906                 isturdy@somersetdbs.co.uk

Richard Vaux, Expeditor for the Parret Catchment

07713 579816                 richardvaux1@btinternet.com

To find further information on the Somerset Drainage Boards Consortium please visit: www.somersetdrainageboards.gov.uk or phone 01278 789906


Somerset Rivers Authority      -      01823 357824     

Somerset Rivers Authority is co-ordinating the Common Works Programme for Somerset - to plan, deliver and share information about all Flood Risk management work in the county.