Emergency planning

The Emergency Planning team is responsible for the co-ordination our response to major incidents and crises.

As a result of  the Civil Contingencies Act 2004, Somerset County Council and five district councils in Somerset formed a partnership in 2005 known as the Somerset Local Authorities' Civil Contingencies Unit.

The partnership is jointly funded and will manage and co-ordinate the responsibilities relating to civil contingency planning, enabling a common approach across Somerset.


What is emergency planning?

Accidents, whether human or natural, occur from time to time.  They can occur on a small or large scale - a transport disaster, chemical incident, coastal flooding or a terrorist attack, and of course there is always the unexpected.  The aim of the our Emergency Planning team is to assess the threats and risks to the district and plan for the response and recovery should an incident occur. 

The ultimate objective is to minimise impact of disaster on the day-to-day lives of the community and the environment and to assist the return to normality.  Emergency planners, working with a wide range of other agencies, prepare contingency plans, organise major incident training and exercises to prepare for emergencies, just in case.  Whatever the incident, our role is always to provide support to the community and to get things back to normality as soon as possible.


Duties and responsibilities

Our primary role is to provide assistance to the emergency services in the initial stages of a major emergency, and the provision of temporary shelter to people who may be made temporarily homeless.  Once the initial stage of a major emergency has passed, we will play a leading role in the recovery phase.

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