Saving energy in our public buildings

Find out what we are doing to save energy in our buildings.

Our council offices

  • Replacement of PCs with thin client boxes and energy efficient screens reducing energy demand by 70%
  • Generation of 124,169 kWh up to October 2014 from photovoltaic arrays installed to our largest buildings (Brympton Way Offices, Petters House, Lufton Depot, Yeovil Crematorium, Wincanton Sports Centre), which equates to nearly 10% of the buildings demand.
  • Replaced aging oil boiler at the Octagon with two efficient condensing gas boilers
  • Installed voltage optimisation at Brympton Way reducing electrical demand by 8%
  • Automatic infra-red tap and toilet flush controls (Brympton Way Offices, Goldenstones Leisure Centre, Octagon Theatre)  
  • Automatically dimmable high frequency fluorescent light fittings and LED fitting to some corridors (Brympton Way offices)
  • Low energy lighting (Octagon Theatre, Chard Youth Centre, Goldenstones Leisure Centre, Lufton Depot, Petters House, The Levels Interpretation Centre, Churchfield meeting room)
  • Waterless urinals (Churchfield Offices Wincanton)
  • Installation of building management software control systems for effective environmental control (Goldenstones Leisure Centre, Brympton Way Offices, Yeovil Recreation Centre)
  • Time controlled showers (Goldenstones Leisure Centre, Yeovil Recreation Centre)
  • Time controlled taps (Yeovil Recreation Centre)
  • Point of use water heaters with timers (Various offices)
  • Rainwater harvesting for horticultural use in the Nursery Polytunnels (Lufton Depot)
  • Timed control of heating (Petters House)
  • Phased installation of lighting to low energy/high frequency/ dimmable lighting and movement sensors(Brympton Way)
  • Phased installation of desk top electrical boxes and modifications to lighting switches (Brympton Way)
  • Use of sustainable materials in building projects: recycled paper for roof insulation  and sheep's wool roof insulation (Ham Hill Education Centre)
  • Street name plate backing and posts made from recycled plastic
  • The majority of the electricity used in our main buildings is obtained from 'green' sources e.g. hydro-electric, wind etc, which although slightly more expensive, does not attract a climate change levy so is in practice cost neutral
  • Upgraded control of boilers to enable more efficient operation and link to main BMS system (Lace Mill, Chard)
  • Renewed main electrical switchgear and installed individual metering to zones/circuits to enable higher degree of energy monitoring (Brympton Way)


Our public toilets

  • Automatic flush controls & taps (Peter Street toilets)
  • Rainwater harvesting (Peter Street toilets)
  • Sheep's wool used for roof insulation (Peter Street Toilets)
  • Lindab guttering and downpipe system (Peter Street Toilets)

Goldenstones Leisure Centre

  • Installation of insulated metal roofing in place of glazed roofing
  • Use of 'ultra-violet' pool water disinfectant systems instead of 'ozonation'
  • Installation of additional water meter to separate supplies with second high volume meter operating on lower tariffs
  • Pool cover and inverters fitted to main air handling fans to reduce over-night heat loss
  • Removal of electric powered/heated Jacuzzi
  • Low energy lighting and movement sensors to various areas
  • Review of plant operational times
  • Upgrading of lighting to changing area to low energy lighting
  • Reduce boiler flow temperature to 60ยบ c
  • Time controlled showers, infra-red tap control

Our car parks

Installation of solar powered car park ticket machines in pay and display car parks