Our commitment

Find out what we are doing to tackle climate change.


  • Work with central government to contribute, at a local level, to the delivery of the UK Climate Change Programme, the 2015 Paris Climate Conference and the target for carbon dioxide reduction by 2020.
  • Assess the risk associated with climate change and the implications for both communities and our service delivery and adapt accordingly.
  • Encourage and support all sectors in our local community to take the opportunity to adapt to the impacts of climate change, to reduce their own greenhouse gas emissions and to make public their commitment to action.
  • Share resources, knowledge, expertise and learning with partners
  • Work with our partners and local communities to address the causes and impacts of climate change.
  • To achieve a significant reduction of greenhouse gas emissions from the authority's operations, as detailed in the Carbon Plan and published in an Annual Carbon Emissions Report

Carbon Management Plan

We have developed a Carbon Management Plan with support from the Carbon Trust. It includes specific projects to reduce carbon emissions arising from our portfolio of properties and from our use of vehicles.

The plan will be updated as new projects are planned. The plan was used to develop our Carbon Reduction and Climate Change Adaptation Strategy.

Read the Carbon Management Plan

Putting words into action; our projects

We pride ourselves on being a leader in developing environmentally projects, as well as being one of the best councils in the UK for recycling. Below are some of the projects we have been involved in:

South Somerset hydropower project

Water mill

We were the first council in the UK to form a mill partnership, which led to the production of hydro power at nine historic mills across the district. The project saves a whopping 33 tonnes of CO2 and 248MWh of a electricity a year (the annual equivalent to the electrical consumption of 45 households).

Find out more about the hydropower project

Saving energy in our public buildings


We have implemented a number of energy saving initiatives in our public buildings.

Find out how we save energy in our public buildings

Planning for climate change


The local planning system now plays an important role in tackling climate change by aiming to reduce emissions and encourage the development of energy efficient eco buildings.

Find out more about Planning

Turning waste into art


Our innovative Scrapstore collects business waste for free and supplies recycled materials to be used in arts and crafts by local schools, community groups and artists. By this method, we have worked with 20 local businesses to recycle over 33 tonnes of business waste a year.

Find out more about our Scrapstore

Top of the heap for recycling

Kerbside recycling

South Somerset residents are actually sending even less to landfill than ever before, reducing the amount buried by 2,000 tonnes, which is equal to 285 double decker buses in weight.

Find out more about our recycling

Helping you to become greener


We offer support, advice and grants to those who wish to make a positive impact on their local environment.

Find out more about energy efficiency and grants

For more information, please contact our Climate Change Officer.