Sustainable Procurement

Sustainable procurement is a national and international agenda item. Moreover, sustainability is being integrated within the mainstream of procurement policy and practice. It is clear that the public sector could achieve much more, even within the existing European rules and the requirement to secure best value for money.

Delivering compliant procurement

Public authorities are under pressure to ensure that their procurement makes a positive contribution towards social inclusion, secures improvements to the environment and minimises any adverse environmental impact


Sustainable procurement is good procurement

Opting for environmentally sound goods, services and works helps your organisation achieve sustainable development. Increased demand for sustainable goods encourages sustainable production, and helps environmentally friendly technologies conquer the market. It can also help save taxpayers' money.


Practicing positive social procurement

Criteria involving social considerations may be used to determine the most economically advantageous tender, where they provide an economic advantage for the authority which is linked to the product or service, and which is the subject of the contract.


Integrating social, environmental and sustainability issues into your procurement

All public authorities should be developing national or regional contracts that ensure social, environmental and sustainability issues are considered from the outset. The Government has raised the profile of sustainable procurement across the public sector with a major shift in the way the public sector buys goods and services, signing up to a range of measures designed to achieve the sustainable buying of a wide variety of products.

The new emphasis on environmental standards represents a significant shift in public sector purchasing practice.