Local performance monitoring and reporting

We measure how we're doing using 38 performance indicators, which we report on to the District Executive Committee. You can read about our performance indicators here.

Every quarter we report on 26 of our performance indicators.

Once a year, in May, we report on all 38 performance indicators.


2018/19 Corporate performance monitoring reports

Q1 2018/19 report

Q2 2018/19 report

Q1-2 201/19 Priority Projects report


Before 2018 we reported on another set of performance indicators. You can read about the old performance indicators here.

2017/18 Corporate performance monitoring reports

End of year 2017/18 (Q4) report

Q3 2017/18 report

Q2 2017/18 report

Q1 2017/18 report


2016/17 Corporate performance monitoring reports

End of year 2016/17 (Q4) report

Q3 2016/17 report

Q2 2016/17 report

Q1 2016/17 report


2015/16 Corporate performance monitoring reports

End of year 2015/16 (Q4) report

Q3 2015/16 report

Q2 2015/16 report

Q1 2015/16 report


National performance framework

Every year we send a set of performance data to central Government.

Read about the data the government ask for.

Compare our performance with other councils on the Local Government Association website.